2 October

Land of Zenith Slot Big Win Compilation!

Phillip Jenson

Big Win Slots is a land of Zenith slot machine game. This game is a love story between the player and the slot machine. The slot machine is like a friend to whom you share your worries, joys, and pains with while they take care of you back every single day.

The game has six different zones that include the Magic Garden, River of Romance, Forest of Elves, Crystal Caves, Rocky Mountains, and the Kingdom of Grandeur. Along with these zones are five different characters with their own personality traits who will help you out in whatever way that they can including; Queen Elfaia, King Saladin, Prince Gabriel Caesar Von Zena Gabor Zibrian III (Zibrian), Princess Iva Treadwell (Iva), Queen Aria Arcadius (Aria), and lastly King Mirovitch (Mirovitch).

The Big Win Bonus

The Big Win Bonus is a bonus that appears on the lower right of the slot machine. The bonus starts out at 30,000 and will increase by 1,000 every time you get it to 150,000.

You can collect this bonus by getting three or more of the same symbol on the reels. This bonus can be collected up to ten times per game.

How to play the game

The game is an adventure and the player can do it in three ways; by playing, watching others play, or by passively observing.

There are also different modes of playing the game such as;

1. Adventure mode

2. Make your own adventure with a custom story line

3. Classic mode where you can change the difficulty of the game, how many coins you want to bet (from 0-100), and how many lines to wager on each spin. You can also choose from one of four slot machines to begin with which are; The Silver Wheel Slot Machine, The Gold Wheel Slot Machine, The Bronze Wheel Slot Machine, and The Silver Moon Slot Machine. There’s also a free casino mode that allows you to create a casino with your own slots machine and earn coins while playing them. When it comes time to win money in this mode you have to get a high score before time runs out otherwise you will lose all of your coins and start over again.

Land of Zenith Slot Big Win

Rock out with the top 3 Land of Zenith slot BIG WINS compilation! This is a totally insane video, we compiled some of our craziest and loudest wins on this machine. So sit back and enjoy these three epic clips, you won’t regret it! Jerry from Saskatchewan’s big win was equal to five times the first place winner. His success came with a 50000x multiplier that helped him get his prize of $500,000 CAD (~$400K USD). Jerry said, “I’m in shock right now.” Share this fun video! Jerry’s wild symbol appeared at just the right time for an explosive payout: he took home half a million dollars Canadian which equals 400 thousand US Dollars and will go down as one of our site’s biggest wins ever- even before we launched it worldwide! Anna took third place and won 2520 CAD. Carry from Toronto had a big win too, he was equal to 3300 CAD. But Jerry tops them all with his explosive x50000 win! The wild symbol that appeared at the right time helped him get such enormous prize money of $100000 (as soon as we make it into a video). Enjoy this thrilling footage now!